• Slow Down. Take a Breath.

Access your Inner Strength and Wisdom.

The experience of Yoga in my studio is different from other Yoga classes you may have tried in the past.

In my studio, Yoga is about learning to appreciate and love your body – it's not about what it can't do, but what it can. It's never a physical-fitness contest and it's not about forcing yourself to do things your body isn't willing and able or ready to do. 

Instead, it's about accessing the strength and power that already exists within, and honoring the wisdom your body already holds. After all, your body knows your limits - as well as expansiveness. 

No matter your age, size, or fitness level, you'll learn to hear what your body is telling you, in ways that you may have not experienced before.  Yoga has been proven to improve flexibility, strength, concentration, posture, balance, as well as increase a sense of well being, calm, vibrancy and inner spark. Classes are held for people of all body types and ages.   

Fall 2019:  Yoga/Meditation/Qi Gong schedule

Yoga Classes:

Yoga Classes are ongoing. Sign up for a  6 week session or for a drop in on a as requested basis.  ($20 per class when you sign up for session or $22 for drop in). The maximum number of students per class is 10. If you are a new student, please try a single class as a drop in to make sure you enjoy your experience before signing up for the remainder of the session. Call (908- 322-5294) or email ahead mindy@wholelifediscovery.com to make sure there is room. 

Weekend Yoga and Monday Meditation classes are single signups. Pre- registration is required (due to space limitations) for all classes! 

Tuesday 7pm (gentle)

Wednesday 9am (gentle)

Wednesday 7pm (gentle)

Thursday 9am (mixed levels- open)

*Saturday Gentle Reset Yoga at 8:30 am: see October/November dates below (sign up for one or more)

( Saturdays 8:30 am October 19th 26th . November 2nd,9th,16th and 23rd)

Sign up for one or more at 8:30 am -Single signups $22 each )

Meditation Classes:Focus on Anxiety, Healing, Stress Reduction,sleep enhancement (lying down- Yoga Nidra )

Sunday Yoga Nidra meditations at 4-5pm October 27th, November 10th and 17th

Meditation classes are single signups. Advance sign-up is required (due to space limitations) for all classes! $20 per class

Qi-Gong classes (new!!!)- a moving meditation.

What is Qi Gong? Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice, a slow moving form of meditation, which uses graceful movements and controlled breathing and intention to strengthen the mind/body connection, reduce stress and improve circulation, thereby increasing overall health. Qi Gong cultivates harmony of the body and mind. 

What are some the benefits of Qigong?

  1. Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

  2. Enhances efficiency of the immune system, respiratory and cardiovascular health

  3. Reduces stress and invokes the relaxation response, calming the mind

  4. Increases physical balance in body, improves flexibility and focus

  5. Co-ordinates and balances right/left brain hemisphere promoting deeper sleep, and mental clarity

  6. Reduces anxiety and muscular tension, and chronic pain

  7. Improves digestion as the body relaxes

  8. Increases energy in the body

  9. Aids in digestion

Who can do Qigong? Anyone!! Qi Gong can be done sitting, standing or lying down so it can be done by anyone who can breathe! 

What is Qi?  Qi is the energy that sustains all life, holds the key to health and longevity!!

Qi Gong classes- Intro to Qi gong on November 3rd at 11:30- 1 ($25)

Ongoing Qi gong (a moving meditation): Thursday evenings at 7-8 pm $20 (Drop in allowed based on availability for $22 Advance signup is required! email or call.

Call 908-322-5294 to schedule or email me at mindy@wholelifediscovery.com

Read what others have to say about Mindy's Yoga and Qi Gong classes!!

From recent students! 

I wanted to let you know how valuable your yoga classes and teachings have been to me. I branched out recently by trying local, and also high-end-spa, meditation sessions, stretching classes and yoga classes. Nothing compares to your class. Your class flows with ease from pose to pose. Each pose is preceded by a gentle stretch to prepare for the bigger stretch. There are no awkward pauses. Your genuine nature shines through. Your years of practice, teaching, learning and studying give you substance and an authenticity not found elsewhere.  MG from Fanwood NJ 

I have been practicing Yoga with Mindy for almost 6 years and it has been life changing. I love everything about my yoga practice.  About 6 months ago Mindy announced that she would be offering an introductory class to Qi Gong.  I had no idea what Qi Gong was, but I was curious.  With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy and martial arts, Qi Gong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance one’s Qi or life energy”.  “Life Energy” – hmmm – I wanted to learn more, so I decided to take that first class.  During this class Mindy taught us that Qi Gong practice involved slow moving meditations, coordinating movements with breath and awakening our inner true nature.  I was quite shocked during the first class that I was actually able to feel my life energy – I felt my Qi – something that was there all the time, but I never knew it, and now I felt it!  Mindy offered continued classes and I stayed with it and with each class and my independent practice I began feeling my Qi more and more.  In the beginning Mindy gave us a sound foundation, teaching us about the 9 phases of Qi Gong. Then moving forward each class she brought new practices, a review of what we previously learned and discussions about our bodies and how our Qi flows and sometime gets blocked – and how we can keep our Qi flowing and how to help ourselves unblock when needed.  Each class for me brought more and more connection with myself and with my Qi.  One of the things I like the most about Qi Gong is that it can be practiced anytime and anywhere.  I often use bits and pieces of my Qi Gong practice during the day while I am at work, when I am in stressful meetings/situations to help me calm, focus, protect and/or energize myself. I am excited to continue to learn more, I look forward to our class each week.  Mindy makes the classes interesting because each class contains something new.  She also reinforces what we already learned with a review of something previously practiced.  Mindy is so passionate about the practice of Qi Gong; her passion overflows right into the hearts of her students! - FH from Edison NJ