"There are many life coaches out there today, but no one comes close to Mindy.  Mindy differs from other coaches because she KNOWS the answer lies within you. She is not going to tell you what to do. She is not going to tell you what specific diet you should be following. She is not going to tell you what career you should be pursuing. There are no “shoulds” in Mindy’s coaching. Instead, Mindy will guide you step-by-step to help you find the answers yourself. This is VITAL. If you are ready to make changes in your life -- whether big, small or in between -- the change will only happen if YOU are invested in the decisions and in the action steps needed. Mindy has a knack for getting to the point and asking the deeper questions required for self reflection. From the very first meeting, you will see how she operates. There’s no facade with Mindy. What you see, is what you get. In addition, Mindy’s yoga classes are the only classes I attend. She let’s you modify the poses as needed, but more importantly, you learn to appreciate YOUR body. She sets the tone for the class from the beginning and no matter what your shape or size or fitness level all are welcome. It is the only exercise place where I ever felt 100% comfortable in my own skin. I highly recommend Mindy for life coaching and yoga. She has changed my life" C.S.G

"Working with Mindy has allowed me to create (and continually fine tune) and implement daily an action plan for LIVING. Her thought provoking questions, her ability to nudge me when needed and make me accountable to myself, while offering fresh insight and a worldly perspective, are helping come to a better understanding of myself (and ultimately, greater acceptance of myself in the process.) I think this clears a path for better understanding and ultimately, better living" N.D.                                                                            

"I wanted to make some changes in my life, but I didn't know how. My life was filled to the brim, overflowing with family and friends' needs, a full time job, and so much more, leaving little or no time for "me".  It was no wonder that I was worn out and depleted by the time I turned 50! I found Whole Life Discovery and Life Coach, Mindy Szeto unexpectedly through a friend.  During our first consultation Mindy learned what I was struggling with, and I learned how the process of coaching might help. Mindy helped me set goals, worked with me to achieve those goals, and ultimately gave me the tools necessary so that I am now able to sustain my successes. It was hard work that produced amazing results. Mindy, as a coach, is best described as having a "soft front and strong back"; she is compassionate and yet she taught me to be accountable to myself.  The coaching I received from Mindy was life changing.  Anyone who chooses to work with Mindy is in good hands.  Thank you, Mindy, for helping me find the courage and providing the guidance I needed to make some changes in my life that I desired and deserved - I could not have done it without your help" F.H.

"Mindy has helped me transform my thought process which has in turn transformed my whole attitude and outlook.  As a working mother I easily lost sight of what was important to me and how to best honor and care for myself without the guilt I was carrying around.  I am in a much better place and I have only just started.  I have been able to determine my goals and have solid strategies to help me get there in a healthy positive way.  I had wanted to work with Mindy for two years and finally reached out this summer for the first time and great things are now happening for me.  Mindy is insightful and thoughtful and I appreciate the work we are doing together" L.O.

"The work I have done with Mindy has been life changing. Her warmth and compassion, balanced with her knowledge and skill have helped me personally and professionally in a way no other workshop, therapist or coach ever has" L.P.

"Since I've begun yoga with Mindy my whole life has changed.  Mindy's classes have completely nourished my body in a way that I never knew would be possible.  The practice of yoga has made me more aware of who I am and how much more I can achieve on a physical level.  For example, it has helped me in my gym routine.  It has taught me how to bring calm and peace to my life.  Mindy is a wonderful yogi and she strives to nourish everyone with this great gift she give to us every week" P.P.

"Mindy as a coach and guide helped me understand the incredible power of positivity and the mind to overcome what I thought was impossible.  She has a unique talent to touch your soul and bring it back to you, empathetic and relentless in her beliefs.  She showed me that the answers to my unending questions were already within.  She taught me how to heal myself, something I rely on to this very day. She allowed me to find that you can open doors, in your own way, never once imposing, always guiding, at my own pace, believing in what I could accomplish. She is a mentor and teacher. With her incredible faith, strength, and understanding, I was able to find my way back to the self that had been lost. I could go on and on, never ending in expressing my respect and admiration for her. Thanks to her, I am human again. Thank you Mindy, forever in my heart". Anonymous 

If you are looking for a life changing, inspirational, compassionate and highly supportive coach - look no further! Mindy Szeto is the one for you! I "found" Mindy coincidentally (even though there are no coincidences) and my life has never been better! I am more fulfilled, joyful, healthy, energetic and in alignment with my values and my passion then I ever thought possible.  Mindy opened my eyes to the fact that we all have options even when we think don't or have that feeling of being stuck. Mindy helped me see the answers I already had inside of me to figure out my true life's purpose when I couldn't find it on my own.  You see, she inspired me so much with the coaching process and what it did for me, that I became a certified life coach and now work for the company that trains and certifies coaches all over the world. Now, because of the work I did with Mindy, I am living my purpose and my passion every day!  R.T.     

I wanted to let you know how valuable your yoga classes and teachings have been to me. I branched out recently by trying local, and also high-end-spa, meditation sessions, stretching classes and yoga classes. Nothing compares to your class. Your class flows with ease from pose to pose. Each pose is preceded by a gentle stretch to prepare for the bigger stretch. There are no awkward pauses. Your genuine nature shines through. Your years of practice, teaching, learning and studying give you substance and an authenticity not found elsewhere.  MG                      

"I was overweight, out of shape and worried what everyone else in class would think. Two years ago, my friend asked me several times to join her at one of Mindy's gentle yoga classes.  I had no idea what yoga was all about and quite frankly scared to even consider it. When I finally decided to give it a try, I was pleasantly surprised. That first step in Mindy's studio and onto my mat changed my life. Mindy is a very kind and supportive teacher.  She accommodates each of her students practice, whether it is a first time student or a veteran.  Her level of knowledge on how to modify poses for the individual student is a strong point and as a student I find it very comforting.  At first, as a beginner, I started very slow and easy.  I never feel that I have to push myself or prove anything. Mindy taught me that each practice is mine and to make each class my own. For me, yoga with Mindy helps me align my mind, body and spirit each week.  Since that first class with Mindy, I have lost some weight, taken measures to strengthen myself, and am no longer afraid of yoga, on the contrary, I love it! I recommend Mindy's yoga classes to the beginner or the advanced, but especially to those who are curious and possibly scared to give it a try just as I was.  With her help I have discovered a world I did not know existed.  Yoga with Mindy is a blessing! "   F.H.

"Thank you for the gift that is Mindy. I am 73 years old and I am amazed at how my body has grown in strength and flexibility since I began working with Mindy.  Mindy is very aware of all the participants in class and what each of us needs to succeed.  I close my eyes, relax and work hard and I leave class feeling my soul lifted, my body stronger and my ability to move pain free greater" L.W.

"I have been practicing yoga with Mindy for over ten years. I started purely as a novice, but over the years, I came to love the practice of yoga and its mind/body benefits. The is due largely in part to Mindy and the fact that she is an amazing individual and an awesome instructor who fosters a warm, accepting environment; I sing her praises to almost everyone to recommend they practice yoga. Mindy is very encouraging as she instructs the class in the poses, but if a pose is just not right for you, she also provides alternatives. Mindy is able to do this because her class size is small and she gets to know each of her students quite well. As a bonus, the end of the class provides for relaxation, a lavender eye pillow and a soothing neck massage. It really doesn’t get any better than that!" L.G.                                             

"I am so grateful to Mindy, she is such a wonderful yoga instructor and she made me realize that there is so much more to yoga that I could have possibly imagined.  Her yoga classes have changed my life in so many ways, it has brought me so much peace and joy.  I really appreciate how Mindy has helped me put yoga practice into my daily life". J.G.                                               

I've been taking Mindy's yoga classes for years and nobody compares to her! Her style is truly one a kind. A great blending of the mind, body and soul, perfect for any and all ages and levels. Mindy's yoga classes, for me, provide a physical release of tension, emotional therapy and a connection to myself on a deeper level, guaranteed to always leave there feeling more peaceful and ready to face my day! Her positive, encouraging energy creates a wonderful atmosphere." K.M.


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